The Archeiothiki Research & Development team develops Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning / Machine Learning models, using various methods, such as Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. Keeping abreast of the latest developments in the Machine Learning field, the team is able to design modern solutions for our customers, giving them a competitive advantage in the markets where they operate. Our solutions can be expanded, reused and configured accordingly, in line with each customer’s needs and specifications. The team adopts best practices for Development Operations (DevOps) and Machine Learning Operations (MLOps), in accordance with international standards.

In addition, our team is working on solutions based on Blockchain technology, as we believe in the open internet and the decentralized services it can offer. Using Blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, we are able to develop applications that go beyond the ordinary, opening up new horizons in interconnectivity and information technology at large. We are currently working on new solutions related to document authentication, confidential transactions, and accessibility using blockchain technology, overcoming the limitations encountered in existing technologies thus far.

Finally, the Research & Development team develops process automation solutions, such as Quality Control using Artificial Intelligence, automated text anonymization, error correction during the digitization process, and more.

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