The Challenge

Within 2021 Archeiothiki was asked to deliver a project with the below mandate:

The request stemmed from a client with a large digital archive that was not digitized to the level of granularity required, resulting in an overall hazy image of the portfolio.

The Solution

Archeiothiki designed and implemented:

1. A sanitization of selected portfolio documents with the utilization of Archeiothiki’s in-house Artificial Intelligence Product Suite. Particular focus was given to document indexing and retrieval, allowing access to the information contained in the portfolio, not previously accessible to the end-user with an accuracy that overall exceeded 95%.

2. A tailor-made solution, developed on ELO, one of the world-leading ECM Suites, particularly for the import of all portfolio documents, in a user-friendly fashion, rendering all crucial information easy to retrieve and process.

A glimpse of the project size:

A glimpse of the project complexity:

The Outcome

With the use of new technologies, we were able to compress a project that would require more than 3,000 man-days of manual work to 45 man-days of development by our AI engineers.

We express our sincerest thanks to all our partners for giving us the opportunity to involve ourselves in such a uniquely complex project and for their invaluable contribution to its successful implementation.

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