Managing confidentiality, organization, and smooth collaboration can be a daunting task for startups. Luckily, there is a secure digital solution at hand. Virtual data rooms (VDRs) transform the way startups engage with potential investors regarding confidential matters.

This article delves into the benefits that virtual data rooms offer to startups. We discuss the critical documents to include in an investor data room and those to avoid, and we help you to choose the ideal data room provider for startup requirements.

Understanding Virtual Data Rooms for Startups

A virtual data room (VDR) acts as a highly secure online repository for storing private documents. It ensures a protected space for sharing crucial information with potential investors, partners, or purchasers. A well-structured VDR can significantly speed up fundraising, due diligence processes, and collaborative projects within the startup community.

Using a data room for sharing sensitive details with potential backers ensures maximum privacy and convenience. Though often underappreciated, having a fundraising data room significantly aids in persuading investors about your business proposition. It streamlines the decision-making process for startups at all levels, establishing trust and garnering support for your enterprise.

The Necessity of Virtual Data Rooms for Startups

Startups are not just about groundbreaking ideas but convincing investors of the worth of these ideas. Let’s look at how data room software is advantageous for startups.

What to Include in an Investor Data Room

Crafting the content for your investor data room should be done carefully. It should neither overwhelm nor lack essential information, aiming to expedite fundraising. The investor data room reflects your startup.

Documents crucial for a successful funding campaign include:

What to Exclude from an Investor Data Room

Controlling the narrative is key during fundraising. Ensure the investor data room contains only pertinent information, avoiding anything irrelevant or potentially distracting. Exercise caution with sensitive data and tailor the content to the investor’s journey stage.

Key Points to Remember

An article by Archeiothiki VDR Experts

Archeiothiki is one of the 13 companies selected as new members for 2024, to participate in the OPAP Forward program. The program, which aims to strengthen entrepreneurship in Greece, is implemented by OPAP in collaboration with the international non-profit organization Endeavor and concerns companies that invest in new technology and offer innovative products and services both in the Greek market and abroad.

Through the OPAP Forward program, member companies have access to know-how by receiving guidance and consulting services from specialized mentors while at the same time becoming members of an international business ecosystem of innovative companies.

The presentation of the new members, and Archeiothiki, took place at an event organized by OPAP at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center on Tuesday, March 12, which marked the start of the sixth cycle of the OPAP Forward entrepreneurship program.

As part of the event, Mr. Andreas Papadakis, General Director of the Archeiothiki, stated: “It is an honor for Archeiothiki to be a member of the OPAP Forward family. We would like to thank OPAP and Endeavor as the acceptance into the program means for us the reward of an 18-year journey, and support in our effort for further development. At the same time, participation in the program is for us a commitment to active participation and support of the other members. The OPAP Forward program is a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and know-how, as well as to share experiences with other businesses, contributing to the success of the program.”

Archeiothiki, as a leading figure in the development of Artificial Intelligence in Greece, actively participated in the 2nd GenAI Summit SE Europe, the largest event dedicated to Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) in Southeast Europe and the Middle East.

This year’s event was held at the Eugenides Foundation, from February 29th to March 2nd, drawing in more than 3,500 participants from companies, institutions, and major organizations from a total of 16 countries, along with an online community of 16,000 members. More than 200 Greek and international entrepreneurs, experts, academics, and researchers made Athens a global focal point for GenAI for four days. The conference primarily focused on the practical applications of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) in corporate environments and their operational integration into daily workflows.

Archeiothiki had a significant presence at the conference, providing A.I. solutions to the hundreds of people who visited its special booth. In a crowded room, Vassilios Linardos, Head of A.I. Services at Archeiothiki, and Michalis Sinoplis, A.I. Product Lead at Archeiothiki, demonstrated how GenAI is revolutionizing data management, overcoming traditional challenges of artificial intelligence, and paving the way for future innovations in business data.

Their speech captured the audience’s interest as they analyzed through real and successful case studies executed by Archeiothiki, how GenAI brought transformative impact to the operational functions of its partners. They also presented strategies for integrating GenAI technology into data workflow processes.

Archeiothiki, as a pioneer in the field of Artificial Intelligence, develops in-house solutions, always focusing on information management, with a large Internal A.I. Department composed of specialized and experienced engineers. With these solutions, it has implemented complex projects covering the most complex operational needs.

1. The Evolution of Business Documents

For decades, paper documents have been the backbone of business operations. From invoices and contracts to memos and reports, they have played a crucial role in communication, record-keeping, and decision-making. The familiar rustle of paper, the weight of a well-organized file cabinet—these were the hallmarks of an efficient office.

2. The Digital Revolution

Enter the digital era. The relentless march of technology has transformed the landscape. Here’s how:

Efficiency: Digital documents are easily searchable, shareable, and accessible. No more rifling through stacks of paper to find that elusive contract. With a few clicks, you’re there.

Cost Savings: Say goodbye to printing costs, storage fees, and postage. Digital files require no physical space and can be archived effortlessly.

Collaboration: Teams can collaborate seamlessly across time zones and geographies. Real-time edits, comments, and approvals—no more waiting for the courier to deliver the signed contract.

Security: Encryption, access controls, and audit trails ensure that sensitive information remains confidential.

Customer Experience: Customers expect personalized, timely interactions. Digital channels allow businesses to engage with clients through targeted emails, e-signatures, and online portals.

3. Balancing Paper and Paperless

But wait! Paper is not extinct. It still has its place:

Legal Requirements: Some documents (think legal contracts, deeds, and notarized forms) require physical signatures. Hybrid solutions—where digital processes generate paper documents for signing—are common.

Human Touch: A handwritten note or a beautifully printed brochure can leave a lasting impression. Don’t underestimate the power of tactile experiences. Legacy Systems: Older processes may rely on paper. Transitioning gradually ensures continuity without disrupting operations.

4. Best Practices for Companies

So, how can companies navigate this dual existence?

Digitization: Convert paper records into digital format. Scanning and indexing allow for efficient retrieval and reduce clutter.

Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECMS): Invest in robust ECMS that capture, store, and retrieve both paper and electronic documents. An ECM solution can streamline workflows and enhance productivity.

Integration: Seamlessly integrate digital documents with other critical systems (CRM, ERP, etc.). More data means better decisions.

Training: Educate employees on digital processes. Change management is key.

Security Measures: Protect digital assets with encryption, access controls, and regular backups.


The digital transformation is not about abandoning paper—it’s about harmonizing the best of both worlds. So, whether you are clicking a mouse or flipping through a file, remember: Every document tells a story. Choose wisely, and let your business thrive in this exciting age of change.

An Article by Nikos Kavalieratos, Commercial Manager, Archeiothiki

Archeiothiki, in recognition of the direct, effective daily work of the Fire Brigade and of the enormous struggle of the firefighters against the recent summer fires around ​​Aspropyrgos, proceeded to cover the equipment needs concerning the fire stations of Western Attica. The equipment was delivered to the management offices of PE.PY.D. Attica in Elefsina

During the handing over of the equipment, Mr. Periklis Argyros said: “All of us at Archeiothiki feel the need to express our warm and sincere gratitude for the daily struggles you give so that there is no danger of human lives and infrastructure. The contribution of the Fire Brigade is invaluable. Our donation is a small hint of appreciation for your valuable and praiseworthy contribution.”

Then the Fire Brigadier Mr. Christos Platas stated: “I would like to express my warmest thanks for your kind offer and especially for the donation of equipment to cover the needs of our service. Actions such as this are tangible proof of your interest in, recognition for the services that both firefighters and the Fire Brigade provide to society. Such initiatives highlight the social and altruistic role of your company in the wider local community and the country. These special efforts help to highlight and create examples and values ​​that start from the belief that we will always have you close to us. We remain at your disposal for any further cooperation with the priority given to the safety of life and property of Greek citizens and we wish you much luck and success in the valuable work of Archeiothiki”.

This year will mark the 16th annual celebration of Data Privacy Day and so much has changed in the privacy and data protection landscape in those 16 years.

Introduced by the Council of Europe on April 26, 2006, Data Protection Day is an annual celebration of privacy and data protection best practices.

With each passing year, the privacy landscape becomes more complex. At times, navigating the online world can feel perilous – individuals and organizations must consider more requirements than ever before. That’s why Data Privacy Day represents such an important moment on the calendar for businesses and individuals alike to pause and take stock. 

Archeiothiki partners with OneTrust to provide automations that help you better understand data across your business and build your GDPR framework.

Here is your guide to celebrating Data Privacy Day 2023.

Last week, the Archeiothiki’s team traveled to Stuttgart, Germany as part of their training on the leading Electronic Document and Content Management (ECM) platform, ELO Digital Office GmbH.

Our team had the opportunity to gain additional knowledge regarding the automated workflows supported by the following ELO Business Solutions:

We are grateful for the hospitality and we are looking forward to implementing the new knowledge we have gained on our customers!

The R&D Team of Archeiothiki had the chance to participate in a highly interactive full day workshop, together with the experienced professionals of ahedd Digital Innovation Hub of Demokritos. During this workshop, the team had the chance to rethink its strategy, validate its AI roadmap and overall R&D strategy, exchange thoughts and ideas which eventually led to concrete actionable items that the team is already working on!

This workshop only inaugurated our collaboration with Demokritus and ahedd Digital Innovation Hub.

We are looking forward to continuing working together!

We were excited to be represented at the recent NPL Management Greece conference by George Tamiolakis, Head of Tech-Enabled Services and R&D.

George had the opportunity to exchange views with local and international field experts in an extremely vivid panel discussion.

We would like to thank the DDC Financial Group for organizing the event.

If you are also interested to hear about the current and future tech trends facilitating debt management, the discussion is now available on YouTube: Adoption of Technology in the Greek Market

The Challenge

Within 2021 Archeiothiki was asked to deliver a project with the below mandate:

The request stemmed from a client with a large digital archive that was not digitized to the level of granularity required, resulting in an overall hazy image of the portfolio.

The Solution

Archeiothiki designed and implemented:

1. A sanitization of selected portfolio documents with the utilization of Archeiothiki’s in-house Artificial Intelligence Product Suite. Particular focus was given to document indexing and retrieval, allowing access to the information contained in the portfolio, not previously accessible to the end-user with an accuracy that overall exceeded 95%.

2. A tailor-made solution, developed on ELO, one of the world-leading ECM Suites, particularly for the import of all portfolio documents, in a user-friendly fashion, rendering all crucial information easy to retrieve and process.

A glimpse of the project size:

A glimpse of the project complexity:

The Outcome

With the use of new technologies, we were able to compress a project that would require more than 3,000 man-days of manual work to 45 man-days of development by our AI engineers.

We express our sincerest thanks to all our partners for giving us the opportunity to involve ourselves in such a uniquely complex project and for their invaluable contribution to its successful implementation.

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