Archeiothiki at the GenAI Summit SE Europe 2024!
11 Mar

Archeiothiki at the GenAI Summit SE Europe 2024!

Archeiothiki, as a leading figure in the development of Artificial Intelligence in Greece, actively participated in the 2nd GenAI Summit SE Europe, the largest event dedicated to Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) in Southeast Europe and the Middle East.

This year’s event was held at the Eugenides Foundation, from February 29th to March 2nd, drawing in more than 3,500 participants from companies, institutions, and major organizations from a total of 16 countries, along with an online community of 16,000 members. More than 200 Greek and international entrepreneurs, experts, academics, and researchers made Athens a global focal point for GenAI for four days. The conference primarily focused on the practical applications of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) in corporate environments and their operational integration into daily workflows.

Archeiothiki had a significant presence at the conference, providing A.I. solutions to the hundreds of people who visited its special booth. In a crowded room, Vassilios Linardos, Head of A.I. Services at Archeiothiki, and Michalis Sinoplis, A.I. Product Lead at Archeiothiki, demonstrated how GenAI is revolutionizing data management, overcoming traditional challenges of artificial intelligence, and paving the way for future innovations in business data.

Their speech captured the audience’s interest as they analyzed through real and successful case studies executed by Archeiothiki, how GenAI brought transformative impact to the operational functions of its partners. They also presented strategies for integrating GenAI technology into data workflow processes.

Archeiothiki, as a pioneer in the field of Artificial Intelligence, develops in-house solutions, always focusing on information management, with a large Internal A.I. Department composed of specialized and experienced engineers. With these solutions, it has implemented complex projects covering the most complex operational needs.

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